The RAH Band
Hit makers of the 70's, 80's and beyond

Hit makers of the 70's, 80's and beyond


the rah band

 gipsy girl

               (featuring the voice of the mystery vocalist)


Richard Hewson goes back to big orchestral string arrangements

(for which he was well renowned in the 70’s,80’& 90’s) on

this new Rah Band track.


The original demo of “Gipsy Girl”, a typical Rah Band

“story song”, was made in the late ‘90s with an unknown singer

who was sent as a “dep” for the guy who was booked for the

session, but his name and contact details have since been lost

in the mists of time!


The original recording  was never released and when Richard

stumbled across the master tape languishing in the back of

his garage, after dusting it off, it still played as though it

was recorded yesterday, so a new track just had to be built

around this amazing vocal discovery, and here is the result!


This mystery singer’s performance is truly inspiring and he

must be found! it you???

available on youtube.iTunes, >>Spotify<<, Apple Music,etc..


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